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Are you ready for some football?

Posted by Kensington Homes Team on June 7, 2018

Game Day means many things to many people, but in a new home, it’s a great chance to host.

How about sourcing a projector to screen the game outside, and show off your well-maintained hydrangeas? Barbecue some wings while people play lawn games, pre-coin toss?

There are plenty of ways to combine a housewarming with our beloved Bombers – and lots of ways to entertain your guests leading up to the game. But most of all, game days are going to require snacks.

Taking inspiration from a Pinterest trend, why not convey your enthusiasm for the home team with an edible replicate of Investors Group Field?

OK, it doesn’t have to be quite that elaborate. But with a little craftiness, you can use household items like beer boxes, pop boxes, or cheap plastic organizers from Dollarama to put together sections of the stadium. (Bonus: the plastic option means it’s easily reusable, so you can continue to impress each time you screen the game.)

Nacho stadium

Then, fill with the typical Game Day snacks – lots of people substitute turf with guacamole, with sour cream yard lines – and fill out the surrounding sections with nacho chips, Munchies, veggies or even stadium peanuts.

Feel free to ask friends to bring a contribution and simply use your stadium as a serving platter, or to just make a towering nacho stadium with a deep aluminium pan of guac nested in a chip bowl or pan to take the pressure off your first soirée.

You know your own crowd – but they’re likely to be impressed with the effort it took just to tie in the sporting event with your culinary display.

Another easy bet is to add a touch of football familiarity to your usual favourite snack.

Football fixings

Deviled eggs? Add some chives to the top for a little extra flavour, and to imitate the stitching on a football. Or, throw some icing on your Rice Krispie treats to mimic a proper pigskin.

If you’re really going for Martha Stewart, try out some football cake pops or chocolate-dipped strawberries.

With a little creativity, you’ll be the talk of the block for your tailgate parties.

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